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The Precision Company

Since 1968, KOENEN has been the specialist for high-quality Precision Screens in the area of technical screen printing. The family-owned company develops and produces quality screens for applications in microelectronics, photovoltaics and in new markets.


In 2007, the activities of this future-oriented photovoltaics market were bundled and KOENEN Solar GmbH was founded. Customised solutions - Made in Germany – show:
KOENEN offers far more than the "brand-name Precision Screen product".

Passionate about precision

Accurate "to within a hair" is not accurate enough for us! The structural precision of our Precision Screens allows printing precision to the micro-measuring machine A line strength of up to 20 µm can be reached in fine line printing. This corresponds to one quarter of the thickness of a human hair.

Competence for optimum printing processes

The goal - A constant boost in performance in the customer's production line - achieved by KOENEN - by understanding the overall production process. At the KOENEN Application Center, theory is implemented in practice. With customer materials and parameters, the competence team creates improvements for optimum print processes. Here training sessions and analyses on site at the customer location are a part of the KOENEN range of services. The in-house "test track" further promotes research projects and technical innovations. A performance boost in the line and an increase in service life are also achieved through the further development of accessories and materials. 

HighTech Screens

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