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Commitment for the next Generations

More efficiency, less waste – easier said than done

KOENEN takes responsibility for its own actions. Here financial, environmental and social aspects are taken into account. Accordingly, we understand that our efforts for sustainability as a continuous development processes.

In terms of sustainability

Among other things, KOENEN is involved in research projects to save paste consumption for solar cell metallisation and in the development of fuel and dye solar cells.

Successful with clean processes

The water used in screen production is clean drinking water from the tap. The process water undergoes extensive analyses that far exceed the legal requirements, and is filtered and controlled before recirculation. The water is only fed to the water treatment plant following extensive testing processes.

HighTech requires vision and consideration of environmental factors.

Environmental aspects during transport and logistics

KOENEN considers the environment when developing new transport solutions for Precision Screens. With our multifunctional returnable packaging made from expanded polypropylene (EPP), KOENEN makes a significant contribution to reducing disposable packaging for the company's own products.


Returnable packaging reduces the consumption of resources.

HighTech Screens

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