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High Reproducibility and consistent Processes

A special printing process requires optimal basic conditions. The M-TeCK squeegee offers maximum process control and minimum variance when used with M-TeCK stencils.

The various stiffnesses of the squeegee and the degrees of hardness of the printing edge are adapted individually depending on the process requirements. Especially the fine structures of the M-TeCK stencil for printing fine lines require optimal care. The M-TeCK cleaning products and processes fulfil the requirements of high-quality materials and ensure a maximum service life for highest efficiency and availability.


Quality assurance from the beginning

To ensure a reliable process, quality assurance begins already with the selection of the foils. After that, 40 to 70 process steps follow to produce the precision tool for solar cell metallisation from the stainless steel foil.

Besides, all manufacturing processes take place at controlled ambient conditions (some in the clean room) to guarantee maximum accuracy. The combination of high-quality materials and reproducible processes in the manufacture ensure an optimal end product.

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