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MICRON® Combi-Screen

Applications: e.g. antennas, sensors, micro-electronics and solar cell metallization

MICRON® Combi-Screen – Perfect for extremely demanding prints!


  • Very low loss of tension
  • Absolute accuracy of fit down to 25 μm
  • Above-average service life
  • Excellent paste release capacity
  • Increased elastic range
  • Finest of lines and structures
    ≤ 50 μm down to 20 μm


Your added value – significant cost reductions!

MICRON® Combi-Screens, specially developed for the highest of requirements in precision printing! The extremely fine stainless steel fabric, woven using 19μm, 18μm, 16μm, 15μm and 13μm thread, requires special processing. This fine stainless steel fabric is held by a support fabric (usually polyester fabric), enabling the MICRON® Combi-Screen with its fine structures (≤ 50µm) to meet the highest requirements for technical precision printing. Screen tension and accuracy of fit remain constant for more than 35,000 print runs.

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