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Quality Management

The following measurement and testing devices contribute to quality assurance and quality control

Production planning and control system

Two process windows merge to create one system


KOENEN zero-defect strategy - production planning and control system

  • Transparency along the entire production chain
  • Increased uptime in the production line
  • Statistical process control (SPC analysis)

Measuring Techniques

3D-coordinate measuring machine

With this high-precision measuring machine, Precision Screens can be measured over an active measurement area from 700 x 700 mm² with a precision of ± 1 µm.

Digital layer thickness measuring machine

The thickness measuring machine allows the thickness measurement of fabrics and layer thickness to ± 0.5 µm.

Electronic screen tension measuring machine

The TS 75S measures the exact fabric tension of the produced screens. Measurement range 0.1 – 75 N/cm.


All Precision Screens are controlled with a high-resolution stereo microscope. The integrated camera system digitally measures all structures.

Screen Inspector

Inspection system for quality assurance

Benefits of the KOENEN screen inspector

  • Reproducible quality
  • Scanning each screen with a high-resolution camera and comparison with the original CAD data
  • Automatic, visual control


KOENEN zero defect strategy
Using the screen scanner, an operator-independent and comprehensive control of each screen can be secured before goods are shipped.

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