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Research Project SinglePRINTER

SinglePrinting of PEM* membrane fuel cells

In April KOENEN started the ZIM* research project to evaluate screen printing as production method for functional PEM fuel cells.

The task of KOENEN and its partner is to develop Precision Screens and to analyse the usability and printing parameters for a time and cost efficient production of fuel cells. The experiments will be conducetd at the inhouse KOENEN Application Center.


The functionality of PEM fuel cells depends on the membrane and its catalytic charge. Screen printing offers a highly efficient method to supply the membrane with the necessary amount of catalytic paste, via a homogenous paste deposit. However until now numerous prints are necessary to reach the needed paste deposit. The results of the experimental series will offer relevant data to identify optimal parameters for printing accuracy and prodution time. All this is necessary in order to reduce the number of prints for a sufficient supply with catalytic paste as well as to determine the usability of Precision Screens for industrial processes in an early stage of the research project.


Pre-tests already revealed that especially developed KOENEN Precision Screens realised a clear reduction of prints. Even before the official start of the project the KOENEN Competence Team is one step closer to their aim: 
A time and cost efficient production of functional PEM fuel cells and their commercial application in the future.

* PEM = Proton Exchange Membrane
* Central Innovation Programme for SMEs.

Central Innovation Programme for SMEs
ZIM is a programme of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for the market orinetated funding of small and medium-sized businesses in the German economy with the aim to facilitate the rapid transformation of new scientific findings into marketable products.

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